Monday, September 8, 2008

Car chases through Bostanci

We had our "Ronin" moment today: what felt like a car chase through a crowded European city.

We had hopped in a taxi for a routine trip to the ferry terminal. We're zipping along a street in typical Istanbullu fashion dodging cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians. Until that is, one older fellow decides to make a left turn from the middle lane, forcing the lane to stop. Our taxi darts around the line of buses that has formed behind this car. Our driver honks to warn his approach. The other car starts to move left through the momentary opening in traffic. Our driver honks again. The other car keeps moving. Our driver leans on the horn and slams on the brakes. With our taxi's tires squealing on the hot pavement our taxi crunches into the other car, smearing yellow paint across his front fender. Our driver is livid; yelling at the shaken man in the other car. Our driver hops out of the car into traffic to calm the chorus of horns that has begun behind us. He spots another empty cab coming along and signals to him. A quick transfer of our bags at the side of the street and we're once again on our way.
After the immediate confusion passed, it was sort of fun.
And it saved us 3 lira off the taxi fare! :)

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