Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Livin' the Ottoman lifestyle, Sultanahmet

Istanbul life is a beautiful thing. Over the last few days we've experienced it first hand. We've toured some of the great mosques getting insight into the religion (& yes I got to wear my gardening shirt), dined on many a roof-top terrace overlooking the beautiful bosphorus sea, sat in a crowded square while people smoked nargileh (water pipes) and sang & clapped along with the live music, and learned what makes a good turkish rug. Apparently Andrew has a "rug buying face", maybe true, but not the back to carry it the rest of the way around the world we have yet to travel!

I believe the "ottoman" style is about the lounging that goes on here. It is not uncommon to find a place to fully recline amongst pillows in a restaurant. We're thinking of bringing home an ottaman as a souvenier, we'll see if it will fit in the backpack.

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CandiceW said...

Julie, You look absolutely gorgeous!! I'm thoroughly enjoying the blogs.. keep them coming you two! xx Candice