Wednesday, February 25, 2009

are you there? yes, we are still out and about

To all of our devoted followers! (namely my mom, my aunt shirley, cousin darlene, Julie's mom and aunts and friend Candice who are asking where the new posts are)
Sorry that I just haven't been getting anything new on here. We fell behind in Thailand, and then even more as we went through Malaysian Borneo. And now that I'm technically 4 countries behind, it's seeming to be an ominous task to write about what we have all done in the last 3 months. That and my memory ain't so great and trying to remember Thai/Malay/Auzzie/Aborigine/Maori names is harder than you think! And you'd think that being unemployed for over a month would provide heaps of time to get it all done.
Anyhow, I've got a bunch of stuff written down and we have many stories to tell so there will be a flood of blogging fun for you all to enjoy in the near future. Plus I've noticed that we've passed the 2000-picture mark and you know what that means... Slideshows!
My mom arrived in Auckland on the 24th and we'll keep her busy seeing the sights. With her here I'll make a best effort to keep her sisters informed of her antics.
Stay tuned!

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