Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mum's a kiwi

Mum arrived on Kiwi soil at dawn on Tuesday morning, forcing me to get up at an hour we've not seen in some time. Although I'll admit it did feel good to have to get up and get somewhere at a set time. You know, like going to work!
Since mom flew overnight from Vancouver, she skipped an entire day (that's one good way to rid yourself of a Monday) plus an entire night's worth of sleep. We let her have a nap in the morning before shuffling her out the door for a tour of the city. Julie had an interview in the afternoon so in the process of running around to buy her a new blazer, then back across town for lunch at home, then down south for the interview and over to another district to pay for some tickets Mom definitely saw much more of the city than we had anticipated showing her on the first day.

Looking north-west from One Tree Hill The highlight was climbing (well, no, we drove) up the famous One Tree Hill. It provided great views of the city so I could show mom where we had all gone during the day. it's a lovely park around the hill, complete with pastures for sheep and cattle with some majestic big trees.

From the hill we went to pick Julie up after her interview (with Genesis, somewhat equivalent to MB Hydro) and rush her off to play soccer.

I whipped up some fabulous Indian-style butter chicken (totally impressed myself!) for dinner before taking mom out for a walk around the neighbourhood. We live in Parnell - it's a nice area near to the port with lots of hills and little parks. We took a walk up one hill to a park that contains a really nice rose garden.
We watched the sunset over the city downtown before mom finally needed to go home to sleep.

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