Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snow's flyin'... we best be flyin' soon too

Winnipeg showcased its multi-climate capabilities in fine form this week.  A short 5 days ago we were all out in shorts and singlets playing in the park eating pumpkin pie ice cream.  Then we had a couple days of autumn, before BAM! a winter storm gusts into town forcing us to scramble for coats and gloves and consider installing the snow tires.
Makes me think I may not bother trying to find a replacement for my stolen mountain bike (I may still be in mourning over that loss), but the long-term forecast sees temps back into the 'teens a week from now. {Kona vs Specialized? ...a 29er for sure.}

Aside from that, we have other things to consider - another trip! Only 6 weeks to go until we are jetting off to another set of islands in the Pacific.  First we'll visit one of our favourite islands - Hong Kong - for a few days.  Every time that skyline flashes up on my screen saver I cannot wait to see it again.  Our last visit there seemed so short, but then again, we're using HK as a jet-lag buffer so it'll likely be the same way again.
Our true destination this time is the Philippines.  We've never been there before, yet having been within spitting distance at the Tip of Borneo. Why the Philippines?  We were debating a couple of locations (especially with a friend of mine relocating to Peru) but I think an article I spotted in the NY Times sealed the deal after I sent it to Julie. We immediately contacted the folks at Tao Philippines to see what they had to offer. (If you look at their website, you'll likely be drawn in as well. Spectacular!) It took a few months (waited out the rainy season) but we've booked a cruise! We're not actually with Tao, but with another outfit that does a combo river/ocean tour. Pretty stoked either way.

With two weddings, a social or two plus a Rotary Group Study Exchange to India to consider, the time between now and Nov.16 will fly by.  I should probably start reading that PHP Lonely Planet book soon.  I've quizzed a number of Filipino co-workers about where to go, and they all say Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and maybe Bohol.  We're definitely touring Palawan, and likely Boracay as well to test our newly-learning wind-surfing skills (yes, we've had a busy summer).

[I can't believe this trip is here already.  I honestly have not even sorted through the photos from our last tour.  Time flies when you're having fun I suppose.]

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