Sunday, September 7, 2008

Merhaba from Istanbul

We nearly did not even leave Winnipeg when we got to the airport Thursday morning, as our AC flight to Montreal was suddenly cancelled due to mechanical problems. The alternate flight was full and a later flight would miss our connection to Frankfurt. We were not impressed.
But "Bill" worked the system and found us a direct flight to FRA from Calgary but we'd have to hurry to make the connection. Off we went! A teary farewell to both our parents and we were off, with a pleasant gift for our troubles: business class from YYC to FRA. Excellent.
Until the Lufthansa people in Calgary didn't think we were on that flight either. Some more convincing and calling of superiors.
Julie and I debated spending the extra $5K for business class all around the world, and after spending a comfortable 8 hours in those big seats, drinking bombay sapphire and wine and port and OJ along with 3-course meals, maybe we should have. But still, it's a lot of money...
We thought we may leave the airport in FRA for a while but figured since we were there at 6am there probably wasn't much to do. So we read up on Istanbul instead.
I was very excited to see the sand-coloured buildings with the red-tiled-roofs covering the hills as we landed in Istanbul. I'm looking forward to exploring the historical Byzantine buildings and mosques and old bazaars.
However, Julie's friend Selay lives on the Asian side of Istanbul (I won the race to the Asian continent, stepping on shore seconds before Julie!) and over here, it's pretty much just another city.
It's Ramazan right now, so people fast during daylight. But then the restaurants are busy until late. We ate our fill of kebaps and tsatziki the first night. plus a bunch of other things that were tasty but I have no recollection of what they were called. It's an incredible help to have Selay who speaks Turkish.

Selay took us out shopping and for a night out on the town, see the pictures at the link below.

gulay gulay,
Andrew and Julie.

Link to map of our trip: Summer Chasers: Round the world Map

Pictures of this trip are on my smugmug page:

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B-Frame said...

Glad you guys arrived OK.
In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "You can't go back to coach after you've been up there."

Have fun.