Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept 24-28: So sorry, flight to Hong Kong delayed because typhoon.

The change to a more liberal form of China and the increased presence of English upon our arrival to Hong Kong was a welcome one after spending a week in the nation's high security capital. Hong Kong delivered on the lights, the skyscrapers and the nightlife one would expect from a major international city. We were happy to be close to the sea, especially as we missed two typhoons that had come through the week before (one only a day before our arrival). Driving into Hong Kong at night was more than I ever imagined: the bus ride from the man-made island that housed the airport to Hong Kong island took us over expansive bridges (one of world's largest) surrounded by land built up with some of the tallest buildings I have ever seen. The city swallowed us up and we enjoyed every minute of it! Some highlights included visiting the highest peak to overlook the city at night, drinking martinis in Lan Kwai under a street canopy to stay dry from the regular evening rains, dancing to salsa & sipping a real caipirinha in a latin club, dining on sushi, mexican tacos & street vendor waffles, and just wandering through the streets and feeling the buzz of the city.

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